the truth untold

Title: The Truth Untold
Pairing: Park Jimin x Jeon Jungkook (Jikook)
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Romance, Angst, Thriller, AU
Warning: Stalker, Minor bullying, Character Death

I'm sorry for not having the courage to say these things to you sooner. Does that make me a coward?. 

- pjm.

I want you to run to me and not run away from me.


Jeon Jungkook has changed in the past seven years Jimin had seen him. But so has he. Moreover he's running away
from something, his past.
Will his past however stop haunting him?. What happened to Jimin in those seven years?.
            And why....did he disappear again?

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eyes on fire

Title: Eyes on Fire
Pairing: Park Jimin x Min Yoongi (Yoonmin)
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Romance, Hurt, AU, Brotherhood
Warning: Mention of Suicide, Triggering Themes

"You're beautiful, Hyung..."

Dancer!Jimin x Pianist!Yoongi 

Piano was his 'First Love' driven by his passion and motivation.
Except when he lost him....will his 'First Love' still be enough?

Talk about First Love isn't someone when it came to Min Yoongi. Instead it's his love for playing the piano which meant more than money or status. As it has always been there for him, made him genuinely happy and distracted him greatly from the expectations of his parents. That was until a certain silver haired male danced his way into Yoongi's dull life and captivated his attention.

Of course happiness didn't seem to stay within Yoongi's grasp for long when a few bump in the road caused him to lose his friendships and his inspiration.

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a little death

Title: A little Death
Pairing: Park Jimin x Kim Taehyung (VMIN)
Status: Complete
Genre: Mystery, Suspense, AU
Warning: Character Death, Mental Illnesses

"Caught in a lie
Find me when I was pure
I can’t be free from this lie
Give me back my smile"

Inspired by Lie, Stigma, I Need U and Run

Mental Institution!AU
I'm not crazy. I don't belong here. 

What happens when Taehyung is admitted at a place he's convinced he doesn't belong in?.
Until he hears a voice like a siren...haunting his night since his very first day.
A voice everyone tries to convince him is not real.
......what's real and what isn't?.

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Min Yoongi | Suga

I am pretty sure that this fanfic is from this fandom, but if it's not I'm really sorry.

I don't remember very much, but if someone could help that would be awesome.

Here's what I remember:

1. It has multiple stories
2. Suga is a stripper
3. It's a mob/mafia story
4. Suga's partner has a tattoo of the mafia he's in
5. Suga and his partner adopted two kids
6. There's a scene where someone mouths of to Suga and he shoots them
7. There's another scene where Suga's partner and their kids go attack someone who was mean to Suga
8. Suga gets proposed to, but he's unsure because of his past
9. One story is all about the two kids they adopted
10. I believe that Suga says yes and they marry
11. There's a scene wear Suga's partner gives their kids a fake tattoo of the mafia
12. Suga tells his partner about his past
13. Not sure if the partner is the leader or not
14. It's Yaoi

Thats all I remember and if it's deleted and the author is okay with it can someone email it to me.

BTS: Lost in the Woods

Title:    BTS:  Lost in the Woods
Pairings: Jimin/Jungkook
Rating: R
Genre: Adventure, Brotherhood, Humor, Romance

Summary: The members of BTS sign up for an unusual reality show. Their teamwork will be challenged when they are dropped off in the wilderness naked and dependent on each other for survival.  A startling secret will come to the light.  Love will blossom and grow for one couple but remain elusive for another.

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And every spring

Title: And every spring (2/?)
Pairing: Yoongi/Jimin
Genre: Time travel!AU, romance, angst
Rating: PG–13 (for now)
Word Count: ~9,300
Warnings: Genderbending (fem!JM in parts of the story)

Summary: “Her body has no soul."

Yoongi's mind refuses to understand the shaman's words, but at the same time he knows it's not only the biggest clue he has, but also the only one he has left. He knows he'll do anything to get the Crown Princess back, even trust a shaman. Even travel to the future to search for her.

Too bad the Jimin in the future is nothing like the one Yoongi loves.

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  • wonho

When I Dream

Title: When I Dream
Pairing: Hoseok/Taehyung
Genre: College!AU, Angst
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 14,887
Warnings: Implied self-harm, mental illness
Summary: College student Kim Taehyung does something he thought he would never be dumb enough to do: he moves in to an apartment with two strangers he has never met before. Then he does something even dumber: he falls in love with one of them.

(That was how it all begun. That voice. There was something about it that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but I was already starting to imagine what this guy would look like, what kind of person he was, what he liked and disliked, and—ultimately—if he was as bright on the outside as he sounded.)
  • lotusk

A Tale of Two Jackets (and One Avocado)

Title: A Tale of Two Jackets (and One Avocado)
Pairing: Jungkook/Taehyung (side jimin/hoseok)
Genre: meet-cute, fluff, humor
Rating: PG
Warnings: language, references to alchohol use, failed attempts at humor
Word Count: 6.8k
Summary: Jungkook finds an avocado in his jacket pocket and isn't sure what to think

Dude, you took my jacket by mistake at Club ZuZu

We’ve got the same Hawk & Co bomber jacket. It appears that you accidentally took mine from the couch of Club ZuZu last night, and left yours behind. Mine had my keys, which I clearly need. Yours had an avocado in the pocket, which I’m assuming is equally important. Please contact me asap to arrange for exchange of said items.